Pricing and conditions

Proofreading CHF 115.00 per hour
Proofreading + translation comparison CHF 115.00 per hour
Editing CHF 115.00 per hour
Translation from CHF 3.50 per line*
Minimum charge CHF 50.00

* = 55 keystrokes, calculated from source text, including spaces

The above rates cover most jobs I undertake. However, charges may be adjusted up- or downwards depending on:

In such cases I am very happy to negotiate a special rate or to prepare a binding quotation after clarifying your needs. Send me a sample page or the entire text, together with your proposed deadlines, and I will get back to you with a quote for the job.

Deadlines, payment terms and any special considerations pertaining to the job in hand are agreed upon in advance. You send me the text by post or courier – or electronically via e-mail (e.g. as a PDF or Word file). According to your requirements I will then do the corrections either on paper or digitally, directly in the file. This latter method allows you to see the changes and accept/reject them either one by one or all at the same time. Finished translations are usually supplied as Word files.